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Kundalini Yoga for beginners to advanced.

A class will include, breathing exercises, meditation, physical stretched and exercises that you can do at your own level and pace, and relaxation, often with a short gong bath at the end.

All yoga equipment is provided, just wear comfy clothing. Parking is available on site.

Class pass

These classes are for everyone, no experience of yoga is necessary.

Wednesday’s 7.45pm arrival - 9.15pm

(Please arrive early for prompt start)

A bit about the teacher….


Sat nam, I am Satgur (aka Clare). I have been teaching yoga and meditation of various forms for over 10 years and love sharing the wisdom of this ancient art for wellbeing. I have taught many different types of bodies, of all ages from 2.5 to 85 and with all sorts of different stories, and a lot of complete beginners! I offer a safe and welcoming space for people to come and find a connection with their bodies and with themselves, time to melt away stresses of daily life and come back to state of greater harmony and balance. There are many take home tools that you will experience and learn during these classes that you can utilise in your daily life to help combat daily tensions that arise. We will practise a dynamic blend of physical postures, breathing, movement, stretching, meditation, mantra and relaxation.

“ One may observe that after practising kundalini yoga regularly that they find themselves reacting differently to situations, with more clarity, compassion and understanding, simply because the energy bodies are more balanced, prana or life force is flowing more freely as previous blockages are released during physical practices known as kriya’s.

There are numerous benefits to practising kundalini yoga, it is impossible to name them all but here are just a few;

~ activates the glandular system

~ strengthens the nervous system

~ expands the lung capacity

~ purifies the bloodstream

Come and try a class, you will only know if its right for you through experiencing it for yourself.”


Candlelit Yin Yoga Every Thursday night 7.00pm Start-8pm Finish (Please arrive early for prompt start)

£10 per class

To book contact Siobhon on 07956453636 

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In Yin Yoga poses are held for up to 5 minutes at a time in order to stretch the connective tissue around the joints and within this class you can expect to experience a state of mental calm and bliss.

Siobhan has been practising yoga for over 15 years and shares this passion when teaching, whether it is a one to one or in a group/class situation. Her classes focus on breath and flow between postures and doing what feels right for you and your body. All levels are welcome to her classes