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3 Day Immersion with Igor Kufayev; Flowing Wakefulness

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3 Day Immersion with Igor Kufayev

The Quaives, Canterbury, Kent

August 16 - 18, 2019

"This is an invitation to re-evaluate the nature of experience, and the only quest here is in beholding life awakening through you as existence itself..."


– Igor Kufayev

Immersions with Igor Kufayev are unique, often life-changing events, aimed at accelerating our innermost potential, rooted in age-old Tantric wisdom teachings, under the direct guidance of a spiritual adept. This retreat is an invitation to explore our inner potential, deepen meditative practices, re-connect to the heart, and re-evaluate our relationship with ourselves and the world.

The Teaching

The Teaching is the knowledge of the Self, alive and throbbing in the Heart of an awakened being, as the wakefulness of his own awareness. The essence of the teaching on the nature of ultimate reality, also spoken of as Unity, Non-duality or Oneness, is in recognition of that Union through direct cognition. The teaching, in order for it to be fruitful, requires a certain approach, a certain discipline, often referred to as the path. The timeless beauty of this work lies in its all-embracing nature. This path is universal. It transcends any tradition and cultural belonging. It is open to all wanderers in search of Truth. The ways are many to realize one's essential nature. Yet we share the most essential reality — we all are embodied. We all carry the greatest potential of life deep in our Hearts; the vibrant, throbbing potential of Consciousness to awaken to Itself. The potential to surrender to the power of Grace, to dust the mirror of our Hearts, to reach into the sky of transcendence and bring the sublime nectar of realization into the very vessel of our bodies. This is to manifest the kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This is to behold the Divine in every aspect of human life, from the most elevated states to the very ground beneath our feet.


Igor Kufayev

Biography Igor Kufayev 


An artist, Advaita Tantra teacher and founder of the Flowing Wakefulness Fellowship, for over a decade Igor Kufayev has been serving as a conduit of transmission for awakening towards the new era of heart-centered consciousness. Speaking from a direct realization of Oneness, he inspires and initiates the recognition of the fullest potential present in human birth. Igor’s involvement with sacred traditions expresses itself as non-intellectual, heart-based illumination. Though his teaching methods are rooted in Kashmir Shaiva Tantras, he maintains that tradition is not a set of esoteric doctrines, but a vibrant field of creative intelligence enlivened in the hearts of those who go through this transformative process firsthand. Having gone through the furnace of alchemical transmutation, Igor emphasizes the neurophysiological nature of Self-realization, seeing the process as progressive untangling of the dynamic force, which gives rise to Gnosis. With a team of companions, Igor is working on creating centers for spiritual regeneration as facilities for research in consciousness and creative self-expression, with bases in Europe and California. He travels extensively offering gatherings and retreats worldwide. Igor, his partner, Amrita Ma Devi, and their two children reside in the Mallorca.

Arrival is on Friday, August 16 from 10:00 the program starts at 11:00 with an introduction followed by meditation before lunch. Saturday will follow the schedule below which will be adjusted on Sunday to finish by 16:00. The daily schedule can be viewed on the website.

Holistic Chef Amrita Ma Devi, author of Dining with the Divine food blog will be preparing Ayurvedic lacto-ova vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the immersion.

If you would like to know more about this type of program consider an introduction to the work before attending an immersion with Igor for the first time, please consider booking an introductory facilitator session with one of the Flowing Wakefulness facilitators. These sessions support the energetic processes of the immersion by establishing a connection to the teaching.

If you have practical questions about the immersion or working with Igor, we offer a free 20-minute personal question and answer session with his students who are familiar with this work. If you wish to book one of these complimentary sessions, please contact: and please mention the country where you currently reside. Before the session, please have your questions written down in advance, to make the best use of your time.