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MAHADEVI - The Great Goddess Within (Claire Horton & Carys Evans)

A weekend retreat for women Friday 5th - 7th July 2019

MAHADEVI: The Great Goddess Within //

A Weekend Retreat for Women

Friday 5th – Sunday 7th July 2019

The Quaives, Kent, UK

Full information, facilitator bios and accommodation packages visit:

A nourishing and soulful retreat for women – women at every stage of their life’s journey. Whether pregnant or postnatal, menstruating, approaching or arrived at menopause, we welcome you, as you are. 

This collaboratively run creative-led day retreat, led by yoga practitioner Claire Horton and musician, Carys Evans, is open for all who identify as female; offering an opportunity to reconnect with the lunar and seasonal cycles, as well as your own cyclical nature. 

We’ll take inspiration from the Tridevi Goddesses of the Hindu Pantheon to explore and embody the cycles of creation and destruction. We’ll clear mental space, ease physical dis-ease, and establish our connection to the divine feminine though yoga, storytelling, sound, and voice. We’re also delighted to welcome London-based dancer and creative practitioner Maria Da Luz Ghoumrassi, who will lead and support us through an exploratory movement therapy session. 

This weekend retreat incudes:

  • 6 yoga and meditation sessions, including exploration of yogic practices and stories related to the divine feminine

  • 1 artist-led movement therapy workshop

  • 1 artist-led voice and sound workshop

  • Accommodation in luxury cottages or a beautiful Scandinavian style shared dormitory

  • All meals – designed to your dietary requirements

  • Full access to the yoga shala, grounds and use of an outdoor hot tub overlooking sprawing countryside

There will be time to rest, time to sleep, time to be silent, and time to connect with sisters. Above all else, our intention is that you leave feeling that you’ve nourished your soul, with movement, with music, with yogic practices & stories, and with nature. 

Investment // packages available from £350-£395 for the weekend based on shared board and includes all yoga classes, guided meditations, both artist-led sessions, accommodation, catering and full access to the shala, hot tub and grounds. Payment plans are available for those who would rather make their investment in instalments. Non-residential investment options are available for those living locally.

Full information, facilitator bios and accommodation packages visit:

All the Gods waited upon the Goddess and asked: 'Great Goddess, who art thou?'

She replied: 'I am essentially Brahman (the ultimate reality). From me has proceeded the world of Prakrti (matter) and Purusha (consciousness).

I am all forms of bliss and non-bliss. Knowledge and ignorance are myself.

I am the five elements. I am the entire universe. I am the Vedas.

I am the born; I am the unborn.

Below, and above, and all around am I.' 
~ excerpt from the Devi Upanishad