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Real Revolution Healing ~ Yoga, Meditation and Healing Mini-Retreat

Real Revolution Healing

Yoga, Meditation and Healing Mini-Retreat

16 - 18 November 2018

Come rejuvenate, enliven, get centred and feel great! All within the happy confines of one weekend and at a venue not too far away.

Your Teacher

The practice will be led by Jeannie Bréhaut, a yoga teacher and healer with a thriving practice in London. Jeannie’s approach to yoga and healing is to keep it spiritual, facilitate a depth of practice and have fun. Jeannie’s role as a teacher is to meet people where they are in this moment and to set up a safe space where individuals and groups can let go and explore.


On Friday evening participants arrive for 7pm where they are greeted with a delicious vegetarian buffet served in a log-burning diner surrounded by new friends. Then there is an Opening Circle with a chance to prepare our body and mind for the weekend. Saturday morning there is a 7am yoga practice before breakfast with an optional early-bird Five Tibetan Kundalini practice at 6:30am. At 1:00pm a tasty vegetarian lunch is served followed by free time for the pursuit of such fun activities as getting in The Quaives wood fired Finnish hot tub, massage and walking. Before dinner we will have restorative yoga followed by a beautiful vegetarian dinner plus an evening guided visualisation and meditation to complete our first day. Sunday is a delicious repeat of the Five Tibetan option followed by yoga before breakfast and then free time until lunch. In the early afternoon there will be a yoga practice leading into a Closing Circle marking the end of our Mini-Retreat. People then have time to commence travel home shortly after 4.00pm and so arriving at your destination feeling the benefit of a magical weekend.

This Mini-Retreat is open to all levels including beginners with more experienced yogis and yoginis being introduced to new options and given the luxury of time and space. Throughout your retreat massage is also available with the option to pre-book once retreat attendance is confirmed.

Further Information How To Book

To book contact Jeannie by email or telephone UK mobile +44 (0)7786 995399 or visit