3 Day Immersion with Igor Kufayev; Flowing Wakefulness
to Aug 18

3 Day Immersion with Igor Kufayev; Flowing Wakefulness

The website link for booking is: https://www.igorkufayev.com/kent-2019

3 Day Immersion with Igor Kufayev

The Quaives, Canterbury, Kent

August 16 - 18, 2019

"This is an invitation to re-evaluate the nature of experience, and the only quest here is in beholding life awakening through you as existence itself..."


– Igor Kufayev

Immersions with Igor Kufayev are unique, often life-changing events, aimed at accelerating our innermost potential, rooted in age-old Tantric wisdom teachings, under the direct guidance of a spiritual adept. This retreat is an invitation to explore our inner potential, deepen meditative practices, re-connect to the heart, and re-evaluate our relationship with ourselves and the world.

The Teaching

The Teaching is the knowledge of the Self, alive and throbbing in the Heart of an awakened being, as the wakefulness of his own awareness. The essence of the teaching on the nature of ultimate reality, also spoken of as Unity, Non-duality or Oneness, is in recognition of that Union through direct cognition. The teaching, in order for it to be fruitful, requires a certain approach, a certain discipline, often referred to as the path. The timeless beauty of this work lies in its all-embracing nature. This path is universal. It transcends any tradition and cultural belonging. It is open to all wanderers in search of Truth. The ways are many to realize one's essential nature. Yet we share the most essential reality — we all are embodied. We all carry the greatest potential of life deep in our Hearts; the vibrant, throbbing potential of Consciousness to awaken to Itself. The potential to surrender to the power of Grace, to dust the mirror of our Hearts, to reach into the sky of transcendence and bring the sublime nectar of realization into the very vessel of our bodies. This is to manifest the kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This is to behold the Divine in every aspect of human life, from the most elevated states to the very ground beneath our feet.


Igor Kufayev

Biography Igor Kufayev 


An artist, Advaita Tantra teacher and founder of the Flowing Wakefulness Fellowship, for over a decade Igor Kufayev has been serving as a conduit of transmission for awakening towards the new era of heart-centered consciousness. Speaking from a direct realization of Oneness, he inspires and initiates the recognition of the fullest potential present in human birth. Igor’s involvement with sacred traditions expresses itself as non-intellectual, heart-based illumination. Though his teaching methods are rooted in Kashmir Shaiva Tantras, he maintains that tradition is not a set of esoteric doctrines, but a vibrant field of creative intelligence enlivened in the hearts of those who go through this transformative process firsthand. Having gone through the furnace of alchemical transmutation, Igor emphasizes the neurophysiological nature of Self-realization, seeing the process as progressive untangling of the dynamic force, which gives rise to Gnosis. With a team of companions, Igor is working on creating centers for spiritual regeneration as facilities for research in consciousness and creative self-expression, with bases in Europe and California. He travels extensively offering gatherings and retreats worldwide. Igor, his partner, Amrita Ma Devi, and their two children reside in the Mallorca.

Arrival is on Friday, August 16 from 10:00 the program starts at 11:00 with an introduction followed by meditation before lunch. Saturday will follow the schedule below which will be adjusted on Sunday to finish by 16:00. The daily schedule can be viewed on the website.

Holistic Chef Amrita Ma Devi, author of Dining with the Divine food blog will be preparing Ayurvedic lacto-ova vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the immersion.

If you would like to know more about this type of program consider an introduction to the work before attending an immersion with Igor for the first time, please consider booking an introductory facilitator session with one of the Flowing Wakefulness facilitators. These sessions support the energetic processes of the immersion by establishing a connection to the teaching.

If you have practical questions about the immersion or working with Igor, we offer a free 20-minute personal question and answer session with his students who are familiar with this work. If you wish to book one of these complimentary sessions, please contact: bindu@flowingwakefulness.com and please mention the country where you currently reside. Before the session, please have your questions written down in advance, to make the best use of your time.

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Find Your Flow Retreat with Molly Martin
to Sep 1

Find Your Flow Retreat with Molly Martin

Find Your Flow.


In a stunning Kentish Oast house conversion, just an hour from London. 

Join Molly for x2 nights & days of yoga, breathing & meditation to 'find your flow' & sail into September fully recharged, refreshed & connected to your inherently creative, calm & cheerful flow state.  


  • x2 nights & days accommodation

  • 3 delicious & nutritious, locally sourced meals a day (starting with dinner on Friday & finishing with lunch on Sunday)

  • x4 90 min yoga + meditation + breathing classes (Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday evening & Sunday morning)

  • A filmed class from the retreat 

  • 30 min online private session with Molly after retreat. 


  • Less than an hour by train from King’s Cross (and a 10 minute taxi from Canterbury)

  • Accommodation in cottages and a sophisticated ‘grown up’ dorm room

  • 9 acres of beautifully manicured gardens 

  • Gorgeous yoga studio with under floor heating - check it out here! 

  • Hot tub and outdoor shower

  • Tennis court

  • Surrounded by countryside with lots of beautiful walks


Having lived in London for the last 8 years, Molly knows what it’s like to need a break from the city’s hustle & bustle - this craving for regular pauses & some fresh air is what inspired her to run these weekend retreats!

A yoga therapist as well as a yoga teacher; Molly teaches nurturing yoga classes that are as dynamic or as gentle as you need them to be.

Her classes lead with the breath and emphasise tuning into the body’s feedback & noticing how this impacts our mood & mental wellbeing.

Her aim is support students in finding poses & practices that feel really really great; adapting practices to the individual rather then adapting individuals to the practice.

Classes will include movement, breathing, chanting and meditation.



£385 per person (only x3 places left, women only)

PRIVATE COTTAGE ‘The Potting Shed’:

£465 per person for shared twin/double room in the private cottage

£530 for the whole cottage to yourself.

For more information or to book head too..https://omegamovement.org/find-your-flow-uk-weekend


  • There will be no refunds for guests leaving early. Price is to be paid in FULL.

  • Deposit is £100 non-refundable to secure your spot.

  • All guests must have travel insurance that cover the country and activities, and any emergencies will be covered by this.

  • Check prices below for included components of retreat only

  • Payment plans available upon request.

  • Please find our full Retreat Terms & Conditions here.

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MAHADEVI - The Great Goddess Within  (Claire Horton & Carys Evans)
to Jul 7

MAHADEVI - The Great Goddess Within (Claire Horton & Carys Evans)

A weekend retreat for women Friday 5th - 7th July 2019

MAHADEVI: The Great Goddess Within //

A Weekend Retreat for Women

Friday 5th – Sunday 7th July 2019

The Quaives, Kent, UK

Full information, facilitator bios and accommodation packages visit:

A nourishing and soulful retreat for women – women at every stage of their life’s journey. Whether pregnant or postnatal, menstruating, approaching or arrived at menopause, we welcome you, as you are. 

This collaboratively run creative-led day retreat, led by yoga practitioner Claire Horton and musician, Carys Evans, is open for all who identify as female; offering an opportunity to reconnect with the lunar and seasonal cycles, as well as your own cyclical nature. 

We’ll take inspiration from the Tridevi Goddesses of the Hindu Pantheon to explore and embody the cycles of creation and destruction. We’ll clear mental space, ease physical dis-ease, and establish our connection to the divine feminine though yoga, storytelling, sound, and voice. We’re also delighted to welcome London-based dancer and creative practitioner Maria Da Luz Ghoumrassi, who will lead and support us through an exploratory movement therapy session. 

This weekend retreat incudes:

  • 6 yoga and meditation sessions, including exploration of yogic practices and stories related to the divine feminine

  • 1 artist-led movement therapy workshop

  • 1 artist-led voice and sound workshop

  • Accommodation in luxury cottages or a beautiful Scandinavian style shared dormitory

  • All meals – designed to your dietary requirements

  • Full access to the yoga shala, grounds and use of an outdoor hot tub overlooking sprawing countryside

There will be time to rest, time to sleep, time to be silent, and time to connect with sisters. Above all else, our intention is that you leave feeling that you’ve nourished your soul, with movement, with music, with yogic practices & stories, and with nature. 

Investment // packages available from £350-£395 for the weekend based on shared board and includes all yoga classes, guided meditations, both artist-led sessions, accommodation, catering and full access to the shala, hot tub and grounds. Payment plans are available for those who would rather make their investment in instalments. Non-residential investment options are available for those living locally.

Full information, facilitator bios and accommodation packages visit:

All the Gods waited upon the Goddess and asked: 'Great Goddess, who art thou?'

She replied: 'I am essentially Brahman (the ultimate reality). From me has proceeded the world of Prakrti (matter) and Purusha (consciousness).

I am all forms of bliss and non-bliss. Knowledge and ignorance are myself.

I am the five elements. I am the entire universe. I am the Vedas.

I am the born; I am the unborn.

Below, and above, and all around am I.' 
~ excerpt from the Devi Upanishad

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Spring Yoga Retreat Weekend with Anna Nowak and Will Wheeler ~ YOGA . NOURISHMENT . PEOPLE
to May 19

Spring Yoga Retreat Weekend with Anna Nowak and Will Wheeler ~ YOGA . NOURISHMENT . PEOPLE

Spring Yoga Retreat Weekend with Anna Nowak and Will Wheeler


Put a spring in your step and refresh your body and mind with our very first LEVELSIX Yoga Retreat with Will Wheeler and Anna Nowak.

Escape the city for a relaxing and revitalising weekend in May at The Quaives; a beautiful East Kent retreat hideaway in the countryside. From daily yoga, nourishing food to sumptuous surroundings and wanders in nature, it’s your time to retreat, recharge, and reconnect to the world in a more balanced, purposeful way.

Deepen your practice, meet beautiful people and discover new possibilities with us.


The Quaives provides a real sense of retreat with a touch of luxury; a beautiful small estate set in 19 acres of manicured gardens and fields and surrounded by the peaceful countryside of East Kent.

Accommodation options range from 3 luxury cottages with doubles, twins and bunk-bed room options, plus an 8-bed Scandinavian style bunk-bed dormitory.

There is a brand new beautiful yoga studio with high ceilings, lots of light and underfloor heating, a modern Scandinavian style communal diner-lounge with log burner and an on-site professional kitchen for Woody to cook up a storm every day. There is also a tennis court, cedar wood pavilion for on-site treatments, as well as beautiful formal gardens and grounds to explore that open onto meadows and the lakes beyond.

The venue is only a short distance from the two stunning english villages of Ickham and Wickhambreaux; the latter is located along the Little Stour river complete with a five storey water mill and village green with many charming period buildings. Canterbury is also only a few minutes drive away.

The yoga on this weekend retreat is open to all levels.

The morning practice will be more dynamic and vinyasa based, whilst the evening practice will be slower, incorporating restorative postures and meditation to promote a deep and restful sleep.
All sessions will be adapted to the individual and modifications of the poses will be offered to ensure that everyone is receiving the benefits of the practice and individual attention.

4pm - Arrivals
5:30pm - Yoga
7.30pm - Welcome Dinner
9pm - Optional meditation

9am - Morning Yoga
10.15am - Breakfast
2pm - Lunch
5.30pm - Evening Yoga
7.30pm - Dinner
9pm - Optional meditation

9am - Morning Yoga
10.15am - Breakfast
12pm - Yoga
1.30pm - Lunch
4pm - Departures

Will is a co-founder of LEVELSIX, a yoga teacher and Ambassador for lululemon.

Will trained as a yoga teacher with Yogahaven in Morocco and continues his professional development by studying with senior teachers including Sianna Sherman and Jason Crandell (US) and Claire Missingham (UK).

Will runs retreats in various locations around Europe and his yoga adventures have taken him to Bali and India to learn yoga and the study of Ayurveda.

Expect dynamic, fun classes. Students have described will as teaching classes which are strong, grounding and also offer a spiritual and meditative aspect.

Anna has spent the last 16 years or her professional life working as a dance artist and teacher. She feels at home with the subject of movement, body awareness, injuries and playing with one's own limitations.

She trained with many wonderful yoga teachers in India, USA, Canada and Europe practising in many styles, studying Pranayama and various Meditation techniques. Anna completed her 200 hours certification in Vinyasa and Ashtanga in Sampoorna Yoga School in India, where she returned for 3 months in 2017 to assist the teacher training programme.

Anna believes yoga is a deeply transformative practice, which she feels grateful to share with others.

In her classes she places emphasis on the rhythm of sequencing with the connection to breath. She invites her students to play on the edge, be curious and always focus on correct alignment.

You will enjoy the most delicious, healthy and wholesome food and drink over the weekend, inspired by the seasons. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be designed to be nutritious, healthy and filling.

Woody, our co-founder and chef believes it’s vital that we consider what we eat, both for ourselves and our planet. This choice can too easily become automatic and convenience-led. Expect healthy vegetarian dishes avoiding any unnatural ingredients or processes.

Born and bred in Peckham, much of Woody’s culinary experience has been gained locally. He is one of the co-founders of LEVELSIX and is the brains behind the delicious food and drink in the studio cafe.

Woody designs menus inspired by his interest in nutrition and as far as possible by the seasonality of fruit and vegetables. Woody makes nearly everything himself, including almond milk, yoghurt, kombucha and raw vegan flapjacks.

As well as serving a continuously changing menu of fresh juices, smoothies and delicious meals, Woody likes to share his passion and experience and now runs fermentation workshops, kombucha masterclasses and tea tastings as well as hosting yoga workshops, with dinner and supper clubs.

All prices are per person.

£60 discount for all bookings made before 24 December

£380 - 8-bed bunk bed dormitory with shared bathrooms (3 toilets, 3 shower rooms)
£420 - 2-bed bunk bed in cottage with shared bathroom
£460 - Twin/Double in cottage with shared bathroom
£480 - Twin/Double in cottage with ensuite bathroom
£500 - King size Double in cottage with ensuite bathroom*

*Single occupancy is available on this option only. Please add £120 supplement to the above price.

To secure your space, please pay a £140 deposit (£80 early bird deposit for bookings made before 24 December).

The deposit is non-refundable. The remaining balance must be paid in full by 25 March 2019.

LEVELSIX will contact you after you have paid your deposit to confirm your accomodation booking and confirm the date you would like to pay the balance. Please contact Linda at linda@levelsixstudios.co.uk if you have any questions about payment or accomodation arrangements.


  • 2 nights accommodation (towels and bedding provided)

  • All main meals. There will also be a self-help bar for water, herbal teas and healthy snacks in the communal diner and lounge.

  • 5 yoga sessions, plus 2 optional meditation sessions

  • Yoga mats and all props


  • Treatments

  • Taxi transfers from the train station

For all enquiries and more information about the accommodation please e-mail Linda at linda@levelsixstudios.co.uk

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Laura Williams & Annie Edwards Spring Equinox Rejuvenation Retreat
to Mar 24

Laura Williams & Annie Edwards Spring Equinox Rejuvenation Retreat

Reignite the fire within.

Spring Equinox is a great time of year to reflect and refocus as the light comes back and we emerge out of a long, sleepy Winter.

Join this unique, magical collaboration with empowerment coach Laura Williams (The Secret Inspirer) and Annie Edwards Yoga which has been lovingly created to give you a moment to pause, rest, be present and get refocused and energised about life. In the stunning setting of Canterbury countryside gem, The Quaives. 

Enjoy beautiful daily hatha + restorative yoga (all levels welcome), shifting stagnant energy and giving your mind, body and soul the love and space it deserves.

Come to a goal creation session to help you get clear on what you really + truly want and empower you to use the tools you have within to bring this into reality.

Breathe in the fresh country air, get back in touch with nature and with yourself; read, chat, relax…relish moments to simply be!

All activities are optional, having been a guest on many retreats it is important to go with your flow; if you want to read all weekend without the distractions of the outside world that’s great. The weekend is designed for you to be you and do exactly as you wish, a luxury we don’t often have. 

Bring your comfiest clothes and get ready to be welcomed into a warm, secure space where there’s no rush to ‘do’. Re-treat yourself to a weekend of ‘being’ and see what magic unfolds. 

Fuelled with fresh, seasonal Vegan food lovingly prepared by Rosie.  

(Massages, facials and 121 coaching sessions will also be available to book over the weekend).

Several accommodation options are available:

Bumble Bee Cottage double room (sleeps 2, king bed) £565pp (Sold Out) 

Songbird Cottage double room (sleeps 2, twin beds) £565pp (Sold Out) 

Fuchsia Cottage double room room (sleeps 2, twin beds) £565pp

Fuchsia Cottage bunk room (sleeps 2) £485pp

Luxury Dorm room spaces (sleeps 8) £395pp

For more information and to book please follow this link 


If you have any questions we are happy to help, please get in touch laura@thesecretinspirer.com (07900 903054) 

annie.yogi@yahoo.com (07866851855) 

For more information and to book please follow this link 


We look forward to welcoming you to a very special weekend. 

Lots of love Laura and Annie


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NY RESET RETREAT 01-03 FEBRUARY 2019 (Emily Dawson)
to Feb 3

NY RESET RETREAT 01-03 FEBRUARY 2019 (Emily Dawson)



 Weekend of Fitness Yoga & Cleanse For Women

01-03 February 2019

Start as you wish to finish.

The Retreat

This weekend held at the beginning of the year after the overindulgence and excitement comes just in time to get you back on track in body, mind and soul. Setting you up for the year ahead in all the right ways, nourishing, cleansing, whole foods, a perfect balance of morning fitness sessions and evening yoga, meditation & relaxation (all optional). 


On this retreat weekend you will gently reset and take away inspired easy ways of taking self-care through small daily actions towards your feel-good place.


As well as plenty of free time to rest, read, cozy up undisturbed with a hot drink and a good book, meet like-minded women and share some good chats over food. The Quaives is perfect for walks, grounding time in nature and of course hanging out in the hot tub under the stars. The Quiaves is  close to the picturesque village of Wickhambreaux. For more information please visit www.thequaives.com

All Prices include two nights accommodation, gourmet clean food, yoga, meditation, fitness sessions, wellness lifestyle ideas and tools. As well as use of the Hot Tub.

Retreat facilitator and teacher Emily Dawson of imagineican- has been teaching health and wellness for over 29 years, for more information please visit her aboutpage or click on the link below https://www.imagineican.com/ny-yoga-cleanse-retreat?utm_campaign=2a6104b1-c5b0-4c65-b30b-47cb8e07da7a&utm_source=so


01-3  February 2019



       Arrive  2PM onwards

16:00 Snacks settle in 

17.00 Yoga session with meditation

18.45 Dinner

20:30 Candle lit relaxation & retreat welcoming 

Free time



6.30am Morning Meditation (optional)

7.00  Morning tea, coffee, juice & or fruit snack

7.15 - 8  Outdoor Fitness Session 

8.30 - 9 Showers 

9:30 -10.30 Breakfast together

10.30 Free Time Country walks, wood fired hot tub, reading, catching up on sleep, massage treatments, 1-2-1 NY Life Coaching consultations.

13:00 Lunch

Free time 

16.00 Mid afternoon tea and snack

16.30 Living Yoga & Cleanse workshop, learn tools for making your healthy happy life easy.

18.45 Dinner

20.30 Candle lit Relaxation 

Free time 



6.30am Morning Meditation (optional)

7.00 Morning tea, coffee, juice & or fruit snack

7.15 - 8.30  Outdoor Fitness Session followed by indoor Yoga stretch & relaxation.

8.30-9.30 Showers  

10.00 Brunch

11.00 Free time

12.00 Q&A and closing circle

14.00 Time to depart

To Book & for queries please use form below or


or text Emily on M -0784 177 6299

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Soulful Winter Warmer Detox Retreat
to Jan 13

Soulful Winter Warmer Detox Retreat

New Year Soul Retreat1.jpg

The date is 11th-13th Jan 2019 starting Friday 6pm and finishing Sunday 6pm. Accommodation is shared dormitory style or a small cottage and investment ranges from £350-£600 depending on choice of accommodation. The weekend will include detoxifying meals, yoga, sound bowls and fire ceremony.

Parking is available on site if you wish to drive otherwise a short train journey to Canterbury and a cab will get you to the Quaives.

Please register your interest with me and deposit will secure your place.

For more information please get in touch.

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New Moon Magic & Manifesting, Kundalini Yoga Retreat with Kiranjot Kaur  3rd - 6th January at the Luxury Country Estate The Quaives, Kent
to Jan 6

New Moon Magic & Manifesting, Kundalini Yoga Retreat with Kiranjot Kaur 3rd - 6th January at the Luxury Country Estate The Quaives, Kent

A luxurious long weekend for you to relax and regroup after the chaos of Christmas. 

We’ll be practising Kundalini Yoga, enjoying a gourmet cleansing diet and learning how to align our lifestyles to the rhythm of the moon. With greater awareness of these powerful forces of nature we can work with the available energy rather than against it. 

Using your own birth chart, I will show you how you can plan your year and start using your energy more efficiently.

This is an auspicious weekend with a lunar eclipse in disciplined Capricorn. Capricorn means business and this weekend has been cleverly designed to give you the the energy and encouragement to take the action needed to realise your dreams and create your best year yet.

“My aim is always, to lead you through a profound yoga practise into a deep spiritual experience and create a greater awareness of your best most beautiful self.” Kiranjot


January 3rd, 2pm Arrivals


  • 16:00 Snacks and welcome circle

  • 17.00 Yoga session with meditation

  • 18.45 Dinner

  • 20:30 Candle lit bedtime stretch & meditation to develop your intuition


  • 6.30am Simran and Japji (optional)

  • 7.00 Pre-yoga morning tea and light fruit snack in the saloon

  • 7.15 Kundalini yoga and meditation

  • 9:30 Breakfast is served

  • Cozy time: Country walks, wood fired hot tub, reading, catching up on sleep, massage treatments, 1-2-1 astro yoga consultations.

  • 13:00 Lunch

  • 16.00 Mid afternoon tea and snack

  • 16.30 Kundalini yoga and meditation workshop on lunar living, how to use the moons energy to navigate your life

  • 18.45 Dinner

  • 20.30 Candle lit bedtime stretch & meditation to develop your intuition


  • 6.30am Simran and Japji (optional)

  • 7.00 Pre-yoga morning tea and light fruit snack in the saloon

  • 7.15 Kundalini yoga and meditation

  • 9:30 Breakfast is served

  • Cozy time: Country walks, wood fired hot tub, reading, catching up on sleep, massage treatments, 1-2-1 astro yoga consultations.

  • 13:00 Lunch

  • 15.00 Walking Meditation (weather dependant)

  • 16.00 Mid afternoon tea and snack

  • 16.30 Kundalini yoga and meditation workshop, clear out to get clarity

  • 18.45 Dinner

  • 20.30 Candle lit bedtime stretch & meditation to deepen connection to spirit


  • 6.30am Simran and Japji (optional)

  • 7.00 Breakfast smoothie

  • 8.00 Kundalini yoga and meditation workshop on manifesting magic

  • 10.30 Brunch

  • 12.00 Mantra meditation, Q&A and closing circle

  • 14.00 Time to depart

Further Information How To Book

To enquire please email kiranjot108@gmail.com and 07779 284527

New Year Yoga Retreat 2019.jpg
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New Years Retreat with Gail Love Schock & Stretch Founder, Carl Faure Dec 30th (2018)-Jan 2 (2019)
to Jan 2

New Years Retreat with Gail Love Schock & Stretch Founder, Carl Faure Dec 30th (2018)-Jan 2 (2019)

Join Gail Love Schock & Stretch Founder, Carl Faure, for this New Years Retreat to remember. If you’ve experienced Carl’s Yoga classes, or Gail’s Meditation sessions, you will already know a glimmer of the magic these two will be creating!

Think deep body & movement work whilst being held and supported in space. Joy & laughter around the dinner table and evenings in the wood fired hot tub gazing up at the vast starry night sky. As with everything these two put their energies into, the retreat will be a combination of joy & exploration, giggles & space for whatever may arise. 

Your days will include yoga, meditation & breath work with delicious home cooked food by Pandora from ROOTED. In between you may want to go for country walks, find a cosy nook to read or head to the local country pub for a well deserved drink… it is New Years after all. You will set the pace for this retreat so rest easy in that it will serve your needs whatever they may be.


To enquire for more details and prices head to http://stretch-london.com/urban-retreat, or email Sophie@stretch-london.com

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Autumn Glow: Yoga, Meditation and Sound Retreat
to Nov 25

Autumn Glow: Yoga, Meditation and Sound Retreat

Autumn Glow: Yoga, Meditation and Sound Retreat in East Kent, UK

November 23-25 2018

Join Magda and Lucy for a weekend getaway in the beautiful countryside of East Kent, UK, this Autumn!


This retreat will help you wind down after a busy summer with daily meditation, Yin yoga and sound baths as well as warm up your body for the coming winter with dynamic alignment-based Vinyasa classes. Add nourishing and nutritious foods, country walks, hot tub baths and lots of time to rest, disconnect, re-connect, explore and laugh, and you will leave feeling rejuvenated, with your batteries well charged for the fast approaching winter months.

The Venue

Set in 19 acres of beautiful gardens and greenery, The Quaives 

is a retreat venue in East Kent, UK - a beautiful small estate, 

surrounded by peaceful countryside. 

The venue includes a beautiful yoga studio with high ceilings, a 

communal diner-lounge with log burner, an on-site professional 

kitchen, a hot tub, tennis court and cedar wood pavilion as well as 

vast gardens opening to onto meadows and the lakes beyond. The 

interior is a perfect combination of homely luxury and Scandinavian 

simplicity - it is beautiful, welcoming & unfussy.


You will start the days with dynamic alignment-based Vinyasa 

classes with Magda, focusing on energising the body and awakening 

it to its full potential with carefully designed sequences weaving in a 

variety of asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing exercises), 

concentration practices, elements of yogic philosophy, mantras and 


In the early evening, Lucy will guide you through the relaxing yet 

powerful practice of Yin yoga followed by blissful crystal singing 

bowl sound baths.

The days will end with guided meditations, leaving your body and 

mind strong, open, still and relaxed!



Nourishing food is an important part of every retreat – food which 

will give you an energy boost and ensure your body is prepared for 


Three delicious, nutritionally-balanced, vegetarian and plant-based 

meals per day will be provided during the retreat. Expect foods which 

will seduce your taste buds while providing all necessary nutrition. 

Vegan and gluten free option will be available upon request and other 

dietary requirements can be catered for.

And there will be scrumptious, healthy desserts, too!

Activities and Treatments

Aside from yoga and meditation, you will have plenty of time to relax, 

read, connect with like-minded people as well as join us for daily 

walks in the countryside and hot tub baths!

You will also have a chance to book complimentary treatments, 

personal sound healing sessions and massages!


Prices and Packages

We have different price packages available to suit your needs and 

budget, from:

* GBP 260 pp for offsite packages

* GBP 350 pp for dorm rooms

* GBP 450 pp for double/twin room

* GBP 570 pp for single occupancy

To find out more or to book contact Lucy~ lucyvicjackson@gmail.com

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Real Revolution Healing ~  Yoga, Meditation and Healing Mini-Retreat
to Nov 18

Real Revolution Healing ~ Yoga, Meditation and Healing Mini-Retreat

Real Revolution Healing

Yoga, Meditation and Healing Mini-Retreat

16 - 18 November 2018

Come rejuvenate, enliven, get centred and feel great! All within the happy confines of one weekend and at a venue not too far away.

Your Teacher

The practice will be led by Jeannie Bréhaut, a yoga teacher and healer with a thriving practice in London. Jeannie’s approach to yoga and healing is to keep it spiritual, facilitate a depth of practice and have fun. Jeannie’s role as a teacher is to meet people where they are in this moment and to set up a safe space where individuals and groups can let go and explore.


On Friday evening participants arrive for 7pm where they are greeted with a delicious vegetarian buffet served in a log-burning diner surrounded by new friends. Then there is an Opening Circle with a chance to prepare our body and mind for the weekend. Saturday morning there is a 7am yoga practice before breakfast with an optional early-bird Five Tibetan Kundalini practice at 6:30am. At 1:00pm a tasty vegetarian lunch is served followed by free time for the pursuit of such fun activities as getting in The Quaives wood fired Finnish hot tub, massage and walking. Before dinner we will have restorative yoga followed by a beautiful vegetarian dinner plus an evening guided visualisation and meditation to complete our first day. Sunday is a delicious repeat of the Five Tibetan option followed by yoga before breakfast and then free time until lunch. In the early afternoon there will be a yoga practice leading into a Closing Circle marking the end of our Mini-Retreat. People then have time to commence travel home shortly after 4.00pm and so arriving at your destination feeling the benefit of a magical weekend.

This Mini-Retreat is open to all levels including beginners with more experienced yogis and yoginis being introduced to new options and given the luxury of time and space. Throughout your retreat massage is also available with the option to pre-book once retreat attendance is confirmed.

Further Information How To Book

To book contact Jeannie by email jeannie@realrevolutionhealing.co.uk or telephone UK mobile +44 (0)7786 995399 or visit http://www.realrevolutionhealing.co.uk/#retreats

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Nurturing Light ~ An Autumn Yoga & Meditation Weekend with Deepa & Rashmi October 5-7 2018, Canterbury, Kent, UK
to Oct 7

Nurturing Light ~ An Autumn Yoga & Meditation Weekend with Deepa & Rashmi October 5-7 2018, Canterbury, Kent, UK

Nurturing Light ~ An Autumn Yoga & Meditation Weekend with Deepa & Rashmi

October 5-7 2018, Canterbury, Kent, UK


Nurturing Light ~ Sat-cit-ananda

As nights get longer heading into the darkness of winter, this retreat will focus on recognizing the inner light of individual presence (sat-truth), reconnecting to the shared human capacity for awareness (cit-consciousness), and resting within the full potential (ananda-bliss) of illuminated aware presence.

Inspired by the season's Hindu celebrations of Diwali (Festival of Light) and Navaratri (Nine Nights of the Goddess), this retreat welcomes women of diverse backgrounds and all ranges of yoga experience. We honour and welcome your wisdom, love, and courage. 




Daily morning and evening practices. There will be a more dynamic practice in the morning and a slow, restorative practice in the evening.

Guided Meditation

Daily morning and evening meditation, incorporating mindfulness and mantra-based practices.

Mindful Walking

Weather permitting, exploring nature through meditative movement.

Womens’ Circle

Embracing age-old wisdom traditions that allow for women to gather, connect, and learn from one another, there will be formal and informal opportunities for women to share and inspire each other. Through deep listening and dialogue, we will spend the weekend exploring ways to keep nurturing light at home and in our communities.


There will be plenty of time to rest, read, wander or meditate in the gardens, nap, have a massage, connect with others and reconnect with self. 


Daily Schedule

Friday ~ Sat

2pm  Arrival & check in, settle in / wander the grounds / drink tea / read / journal / massage / nap

3.30pm Afternoon tea & snack

5.15pm  Meditation with Rashmi

5.30-7pm  Yoga with Deepa

7.15pm  Dinner

Saturday ~ Cit

7.30-8am  Meditation with Rashmi

8am  Smoothies / Fruit / Tea

8.45-10.15am  Yoga with Deepa

11am  Brunch

3.30pm  Afternoon Tea & Snack

4.15-5pm  Optional Mindfulness Q&A & Mindful Walk with Rashmi

5.30-7pm  Yoga & Meditation with Rashmi

7.15pm  Dinner

9pm  Women's Circle

Sunday ~ Ananda

7.30-8am  Meditation

8am  Smoothies / Fruit / Tea

8.45-10.15am  Yoga

11am  Brunch

1.15pm  Closing Circle & Meditation

2pm  Check out with a take away snack


Lodgings & Prices*


Scandinavian Dormitory (sleeps 8) - £290pp

A beautiful Scandinavian style dormitory with eight bunk beds in a stylish, cozy, clean spacious room, with 3 modern toilet and shower facilities, storage, mirrors and hanging space.


Fuchsia cottage (sleeps 4) - £325pp

A cottage with two bedrooms, one bedroom with a bunk bed and another with a double / twin bed. There is an open plan lounge-kitchen, and bathroom. 


Songbird Cottage (sleeps 2) - £350pp

A one bedroom cottage with a kingsize bed, open plan lounge-kitchen, and bathroom. 


Bumble Bee Cottage (sleeps 2) - £350pp

A one bedroom cottage with a kingsize bed, open plan lounge-kitchen, log burner, and bathroom.


*Included in rate: all yoga and meditation practice, all meals, snacks & teas, use of tennis court & hot tub. All accommodation includes cotton sheets, big white bath towels, a small hand towel and face flannel. Massage treatments are an additional cost. Prices are based on sharing a room. If you would like to enquire about a single supplement rate, or to make a booking please get in touch.

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AUTUMN YOGA WEEKEND with Lynne Fugard and Fern Ross
to Sep 23

AUTUMN YOGA WEEKEND with Lynne Fugard and Fern Ross

Lynne Fugard and Fern Ross are teaming up again for a nourishing yoga retreat to mark the Autumn Equinox. Nestled in the bucolic Kent countryside. Join them for three days and two nights of yoga and meditation, sharing the transformative practices they both hold dear: vinyasa flow, mandala, yin, restorative, nidra, chanting, pranayama and much more. It will be a wonderful opportunity to explore and get creative and playful together in a supportive, safe space. The Quaives will be providing wholesome and nourishing vegetarian and vegan food, and there will be ample downtime to rest, restore and reconnect to yourself. 

Spaces are limited; From £290pp

Drop them an email for enquiries and bookings at fernandlynne@gmail.com.

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Pause Summer Day Retreat with Louise Jackson & Lydiana Abbott
9:00 AM09:00

Pause Summer Day Retreat with Louise Jackson & Lydiana Abbott

Join us for a day of nourishment and wellbeing through yoga, meditation and deliciously nutritious vegetarian
and vegan food.


Set in the peaceful Kent countryside, the Pause summer day retreat will be lead by Louise Jackson and Lydiana Abbott at the Quaives, a beautiful countryside estate situated within 9 acres of manicured gardens.


The day will include;
* Breakfast on arrival
* Welcome and Morning Meditation
* Energising Morning Flow
* Nutritious Vegetarian and Vegan lunch
* Afternoon Meditation in the grounds of The Quaives
* Nourishing Restorative Yoga class followed by a guided relaxation know as Yoga Nidra
* Afternoon Tea & Cake
* Closing Circle


The retreat is suitable for anyone whether you’re completely new to yoga or meditation, or the more experienced practitioner that just needs some well deserved down time. The retreat is also perfect for pregnant women in need of some rest and relaxation.

After meeting on their first yoga teacher training together in India, Louise and Lydiana both have a deep passion for sharing their love of yoga with others, and the many benefits the practice brings.

The Quaives can be reached in less than an hour by train from Stratford International to Canterbury West and is around 1hr 30 mins by car.

All food, beverages and classes are included (travel is excluded)
£85 limited early bird tickets available until July 6th
£95 thereafter

To book your place click on the link and it will take you to a new window on the Pause Studio website.

*Bookings are non refundable and non transferable 


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The Wild Body with Natalie Joel-Smith
to Aug 12

The Wild Body with Natalie Joel-Smith

Join Natalie for a weekend of re-wilding. This is a chance to slow down, listen inwardly and move attentively, to cultivate space and power from within. The excessive stimuli of daily life can take its toll, leaving us foggy, tired or hyper-aroused. This retreat is a chance to unplug from stress and strain, and plug into your Self, where lost connections are reignited and your essence is recharged. 

Through Yoga, meditation, sound, movement, nature and ritual, we’ll go on an adventure into the core of our being; the most open, expansive, precious and loving space from which to live our lives. 

We are all wild creatures full of wildly abundant possibility. We have a place in nature and are a part of the great mystery of the Universe. When we arrive at home in our bodies we can experience this viscerally and become more attuned to our aliveness, holding the entirety of our human experience compassionately in our arms.

Prices range from £270 - £380 in shared accommodation.

To enquire about booking a spot, email:



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Mind, Body and Soul with Amy and Leanne
to Jul 1

Mind, Body and Soul with Amy and Leanne

On your retreat you will be able to expand your knowledge and skills with nutrition workshops, meditation classes and posture assists, with guest teachers to name a few. You will leave the retreat feeling completely fulfilled and revitalised. 

If that's not exciting enough, you will also be able to enjoy silent meditation mornings, soul filling country walks, Ayurvedic massage treatments*, or simply sip on lavender lemonade in the relaxing hammocks set within the 9 acres of beautifully manicured gardens we have full use of.

Our very own private chef will be fuelling our bodies, from sunrise mornings with energy boosting shots and juices, to moonlit nights around a firepit toasting vegan marshmallows. All food and drink will be organic and locally sourced, with a tailored exquisite and divine  vegetarian menu to nourish the Mind, Body and Soul. 

We want to share so much more but we must hold back some surprises for you!

 What's included:

* 3 days 2 nights

* Accommodation

* All food and drink

* A wide variety of yoga classes

* Personal instruction and posture assists

* Nurtrition Workshop

* Meditation

* Country Walks

* There is much more instore...

Date: 29th June - 1st July

Price: Start from £295 per person

(based on two people sharing)

Enquire to find out more on prices and bookings info@hotyogahouse.co.uk 

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Lean into the Light with Lisa Sanfilippo
to Jun 10

Lean into the Light with Lisa Sanfilippo

Restore, energise and illuminate your inner light with a weekend of yoga, meditation and pranayama.
If you’re feeling tired, stressed, rushed, your light may be feeling a little dimmer. 
The antidote? Pause, breathe, move: lean into your light.

Your retreat in the peaceful green English countryside.  Delicious healthy food. Fresh air.
Optional healing sessions with acupuncturist and healer Maria Christofi.

£325 - £425 - only a few places left

To Book a Place
Email: lisayogalondon@gmail.com
Phone: 07966006130

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