Lean into the Light with Lisa Sanfilippo
to Jun 10

Lean into the Light with Lisa Sanfilippo

Restore, energise and illuminate your inner light with a weekend of yoga, meditation and pranayama.
If you’re feeling tired, stressed, rushed, your light may be feeling a little dimmer. 
The antidote? Pause, breathe, move: lean into your light.

Your retreat in the peaceful green English countryside.  Delicious healthy food. Fresh air.
Optional healing sessions with acupuncturist and healer Maria Christofi.

£325 - £425 - only a few places left

To Book a Place
Email: lisayogalondon@gmail.com
Phone: 07966006130

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The Wild Body with Natalie Joel-Smith
to Aug 12

The Wild Body with Natalie Joel-Smith

Join Natalie for a weekend of re-wilding. This is a chance to slow down, listen inwardly and move attentively, to cultivate space and power from within. The excessive stimuli of daily life can take its toll, leaving us foggy, tired or hyper-aroused. This retreat is a chance to unplug from stress and strain, and plug into your Self, where lost connections are reignited and your essence is recharged. 

Through Yoga, meditation, sound, movement, nature and ritual, we’ll go on an adventure into the core of our being; the most open, expansive, precious and loving space from which to live our lives. 

We are all wild creatures full of wildly abundant possibility. We have a place in nature and are a part of the great mystery of the Universe. When we arrive at home in our bodies we can experience this viscerally and become more attuned to our aliveness, holding the entirety of our human experience compassionately in our arms.

Prices range from £270 - £380 in shared accommodation.

To enquire about booking a spot, email:



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The age of the feminine! Women's Retreat with Ishwar Kaur
to Sep 16

The age of the feminine! Women's Retreat with Ishwar Kaur

Let’s come together as a group of women. This is precious time for us; time to receive, time to share love and understanding for each other. Let’s explore the Yogic Teachings of Yogi Bhajan to receive insights and gain clarity about our life’s direction and purpose and understand more deeply our gifts and potential as women. There will be lots of fun, discussion and music!

Ishwara Kaur’s teaching is filled with humour, compassion, wisdom and inclusivity.  She is a trainer of teachers of Kundalini Yoga and a musician.  She has been exploring the nature of women for many years and is the co-director of the Ik Saran Dhian school of sacred teachings.  

Prices start at £290-£690; incl. 2 nights accommodation, all vegetarian meals, kundalini yoga, meditation, hot tub & 9 acres of manicured garden.

Contact thequaives@gmail.com // 07702281144

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AUTUMN YOGA WEEKEND with Lynne Fugard and Fern Ross
to Sep 23

AUTUMN YOGA WEEKEND with Lynne Fugard and Fern Ross

Lynne Fugard and Fern Ross are teaming up again for a nourishing yoga retreat to mark the Autumn Equinox. Nestled in the bucolic Kent countryside. Join them for three days and two nights of yoga and meditation, sharing the transformative practices they both hold dear: vinyasa flow, mandala, yin, restorative, nidra, chanting, pranayama and much more. It will be a wonderful opportunity to explore and get creative and playful together in a supportive, safe space. The Quaives will be providing wholesome and nourishing vegetarian and vegan food, and there will be ample downtime to rest, restore and reconnect to yourself. 

Spaces are limited; From £290pp

Drop them an email for enquiries and bookings at fernandlynne@gmail.com.

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