60/75 min Walk: avoiding the cows and calves, passing through near by villages, following the River Stour, stoping at Duke William, Ickham for a refresher before heading back to The Quaives.

60_75min walk_ avoiding the cows, includes a lot of the local area; quaint villages and countryside.png

This walk is great if you want to get a feel for the local area; villages and countryside. It also avoids walking through fields with cows and the calves when they are out in the fields spring-summer time. It is not a demanding walk, the area is reasonably flat. A good place to have a rest and refreshing pint or cuppa is at The Duke William in Ickahm. They also do superb food, but booking ahead may be necessary. Enjoy the walk and let us know how you get on! You can download a printable version pdf here